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The one' s who left more then just a footprint .... so many dogs who shared our life .. these are just a few pictured .. ... gone but never forgotten ....Nibs,Macey,Rosa,Prickle,Dragon,BusterOne,Mike, Solo,Margo,Whisper,Rainy,Skye ..

"If there is a place in heaven for Labrador Retrievers( and I trust there is or I won't go)it'll have to have a brook right smack in the middle- a brook with little thin shoals for wading and splashing; a brook with deep, still pools where they can throw themselves headlong from the bank; a brook with lots of small sticks floating that can be retrieved back to shore where they belong; a brook with muskrats and muskratholes, a brook with green herons and woodducks; a brook that is never twice the same with surprises that run and swim and fly; a brook that is cold enough to make the man with the dog run like the devil away from his shaking; a brook with a fine spot to get muddy and a sunny spot or two to get dry" - Gene Hill, Tears and Laughter,1981

.. Guess we all meet there then! ....

we lost Ryan, Sandylands Sundance due to heavy stroke .. we are devestated .. just cannot imagine not having him around anymore .. one of the kindest dogs ever at silronrays .. We Will Meet Again Ryan .. so just wait for us .. go play with those who are there with you .. LOVE YOU TO BITS my Boy

we said See You Later to our boy Jazz, at age of almost 16 years .. so loved, so missed

Tooske ... saying goodbye is and will never get any easier .. love you a lot .. 

Sandylands Scilla, one of the sweetest we ever had ...daughter of Sandylands Rise and Shine ... a true labrador ..

Teddy, by ch.Sandylands Royal Escort .. behind many of the todays Foxreds, sire of ch. Red Adair and Firecracker .. and many more .. aboy that still is missed .. gone too soon .. too young!

CH.Sandylands Kingfisher, by CH.Bradking Cassidy .. the one who is together with Rodarbal Raincloud the base of all our breedings done .. a one in a lifetime dog .. BOB& BIS winner of breedclubshows in 5 different countries, Europeanchampione etc etc .. but above all my" best mate"

Sandylands Around Town, our tony macaroni... our biggest clown..not a day passes without thinking of you

CH.Sandylands Clair, by CH.Receiver of Cranspire, halfsister to our CH.Sandylands Kingfisher

Molly at silronrays, daughter of CH.sandylands My Guy .. one thats left more then footprints in our heart .. died at age of 16 ... such a great part shared in my life .., sometimes bit stubbern .. but being just the " special one" ..

Sandylands Pollyanna, just a few days befor she left us .. a CH.Rockabee Blue Peter daughter ..

we have Becky, her daughter and Bonny her granddaughter to keep the memory of a sweet & funny and great girl .. miss you my old bones .. hardly a day .. not thinking of YOU!!

Ramah Victoria .; by Sandylands Speical Vintage

Tops daughter Hilde ... .. we have her daughter and her granddaughter living with us, same temperament, same smile on their faces, thank you for sharing your life with us Hilde .. you were loved by MANY

22.2.2013 ... today i lost my best friend .. today i lost my dog ... i will miss fondling her ears, my fingers going thru her coat, her head on my knee and just looking up at me, her eyes, so wise .. and full of love .. today i lost my grand old lady .. we shared more then 15 years together . See you later Tops, this is not goodbye just "au revoir!"

....... ........ Amy .... the most loved girl here .. miss her so much .......

Lively Amy at Silronrays, the one we kept out of the litter we had wirh CH.Sandylands Gadabout.

Amy is dam /grandmother of many champions all over the world

as CH.Silornrays Vip status, CH.Silronrays Van The Man etc.