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Wehave/had foxred /dark yellow labradors since our very first labradors. In most of the litters produced by our boys we have every now and then a foxred/dark yellow. When using ofcourse a male/bitch being fox red . there is more chance for puppies with this colour!BUT ... we dont breed just for the colour!We have yellows,blacks, chocolates ... but if you want a foxred or dark yellow and you are willing to wait just like others wanting a Silronrays puppy .. then maybe we can help you ...Please read below about the foxreds

Our two Youngsters:

Hogan and Hayley, there pics also to be seen at Facebook here seen on our banner! both by our boy Buster .. they are born in february2012, and are such a joy to own!

The yellow colour in Labrador ranges from light cream to red fox as written in the Standard of the Labrador Retriever.Some breeders nowadays make us believe that it is a special and rare colour ,thus asking huge price for a puppy !But there is nothing special or rare to red fox, it is just a very dark shade of yellow.

In early years all yellow labradors had this darker yellow coat colour, seen then as the orginal yellow colour.The first (darker )yellow labrador to be registered was Ben of Hyde in 1899

Some names from the past to be found in books as History of Retrievers by Judy Seall, and in M.Roslin Williams books beside the wellknown Ben of Hyde: Dinah of Hyde, Knaith Banjo, Knaith Bogey and Knaith Bandboy,Chasend Chining Copper,Liddly Butterscotch, and some of the Bonython Labradors carried the dark foxred colour!

pictured here Chasend Copper and Knaith Bogey.

When the yellows got more populair people showed more intrest in the cream and lighter shades .. and the darker yellows/red fox colour seemed to dissapear, still just a handfull breeders in UK having this colour in their kennels.

When visiting my friend, the late mrs.Glenda Crook we talked about a foxred male that had caught both our intrest ..CH. Wynfaul Tobasco, a grandson of their famous CH.Balrion King Frost . King Frost had already sired some very dark yellows/red fox in several Litters, one of them being Wynfaul Flutter, Tobasco's dam .

When taking a King Frost daughter, called Lady Bountifull at B to be mated to Tobasco this resulted in an all red fox litter. One of the pups was Balrion Reddy For Anything,our Paprika Dreams Sire. Both Reddy and Prickle were pictured in the Labrador Club of Wales

Yearbook in 1993 We mated our Paprika Dream at S( Prickle) to a Sandylands Royal Escort son this way making the connection through S.Charrlie Boy and S.Dancer to our present Sandylands dogs, both these dogs were also in Tobasco's pedigree.

to see a lovely head study of prickle click below!

our prickle., picture from painting made of our so loved prickle

The combination made with our boy Teddy turned out very well, giving us the first two full champions in Foxred colour on the continent:CH.Silronrays Red Adair & CH.Silronrays Firecracker:

CH.Silronrays Red Adair being one of the top foxred producers in his timehaving so much the same as his sire our boy Teddy, same temperament, same kind gentle nature!

Also Foxglove & Red River Phoenix were kept. River was lateron donated to an organisation who trains dogs for handicapt people. We had plans for River to be our future studdog, but decided that working was what a Labrador is made for and if in this way we could help making someone's life more "normal" ... so River went to work for & live with Marjan.Normally one does not know where the dogs will go to, but i had asked to let me know as River was so special to me and he deserved the best "new owner"

Marjan and I have become friends both loving and admiring this dog for his intelligence and kindness.She came to visit us in France with River so I could see myself how he worked, helped and was devoted to his "job"!

River is now retired at age of ten!

Foxglove, River's sister, was mated to Bradking Solo, this litter produced: Red Delicious, Reddy and Able, Reddy Steady Go etc.

Another bitch, Serenade, daughter of CH.Sandylands My Guy came to us in whelp with Sandylands Offbeat .. she herself being a very dark yellow and later was also mated to Solo, giving us two wonderfull foxreds, both becoming Guide dogs.Another litter to our boy Teddy, the Royal Escort son, again produced some red fox labs,who went to breeders in several countries who have used them to set up their own dark yellow/foxred breeding.

Silronrays Red Delious with her son Sallyjo's Jamie( grandson of Ch.Sandylands Kingfisher)both showing the kind expression and will to please !

Pictured below is Shadowsquad Serenade

Serenade, a lovely kind Lab,with much to offer through pedigree, type, temperament send to me by the late Mrs Paul, to help with our breeding plans.

Foxglove's here pictured below with her daughter Sunny, who's progeny is doing well in Holland

When telling a dear friend in USA that i was hoping for a nex Foxred to continue those lines we have here, she offered to mate her bitch to Borador Moose, a dark red fox we both liked a lot, going back to Balrion Red Alert, the litterbrother to Balrion Reddy for Anything .. this way connecting a dark strain of foxred sires to our lines. This mating gave an all foxred litter of 7.One bitchpuppy kept by breeder, one bitch living in Germany and we took home Tarrah's Buster Scott, bred by mrs R.Montgomery Bailey

click here to see sires of our boy Buster( to be found under Males)

moose, sire of Buster ,keepsake cajun ,kellygreens kardinal.balrion red alert. wynfaul tobasco

another foxred dog to be found in our boy's pedigree is Scrimshaw Placido Flamingo:Foxreds have that special bond with their owners ..

A real familydog .. as also seen in the pic here of

King George the VI ... Foxreds are always close beside you .. have the need to be close and work With you, whatever that "work" is.

My little boy helps our shephard bringing in the horses, get the chickens back in their pen ..

for his pedigree see" the boys."

Over the years we had help from/contact with friends/breeders all over the world, all wanting to keep this warm yellow colour in the breed ..

It doesnot mean we & our friends breed just for the colour , too many doing that already..and forgetting to look at the whole labrador, not just the coatcolour! ( We have seen it happen in chocolates,when they were the so called "rare colour" )

We breed for Type & Temperament and see it as a plus if we manage to keep this colour present in our progeny .

if you want more info about our foxreds or foxreds in general just email us!